83 out of 200 and counting…

After a slow start to the week (6 blocks moved on day 1…), the team managed to move more than 25 on each of the last two days, so everyone hopes we can go into the weekend with half of all the blocks placed.

IMG_0839 IMG_0844 IMG_0847 IMG_0833

A few of the spare blocks have now had to be sacrificed to make sure that all the blocks are ‘glued’ together solidly with all small gaps filled with clay. At times, this feels like a huge pottery exercise… and clothes, hands, and arms are getting as covered in mud as they would after a good day fieldwork on a coastal marsh! Many a spider, worm, and ladybird, are wondering what is happening to them, as the emerge from the vegetation canopy to find themselves surrounded by over 5 meter high concrete walls and the orangey glow of the flume wall lights…


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