Core Stability – do marshes have any?

Carefully inserting sampling tube…

While the South-East of the UK has experienced the driest June on record and in the middle of a heat wave, the RESIST team in the UK has been working hard… We are carefully excavating cores from a muddy east coast and a more sandy west coast marsh, before taking them to be scanned, allowing us to view their insides without disturbing so much as a single grain (well, not inside them, anyway)!

Beautiful iron deposits at depth – what causes these?

It’s hot and takes about 1.5 hours per core, but spirits are high, as we have time to discuss how marshes manage to build potentially impressive core stability…. Here’s hoping the sunshine lasts and ours is equally high as the UK core team spends several more hours working hard on the marsh…

Check out our linked NERC ‘RESIST (UK)’ project.

Labelling is key!

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